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Can you tell me more about the membership fee?

Under the Direct Primary Care (DPC) model, the patient (you) receives comprehensive primary health care directly from their DPC physician (Dr. Cianciolo, Dr. Purcell, Dr. Straughn, or Dr. Jones). The patient pays for this care through a monthly fee, paid directly to Direct Access.

Because DPC practices do not participate in any insurance or plans, the providers are able to avoid the ever-increasing and costly documentation demands and administrative intrusions that come with accepting insurance.  DPC practices also avoid the onerous patient data collection responsibilities which many plans impose. These require staff, time, and money, often amounting to substantial intrusions on patient privacy.

Because DPC physicians avoid these obligations to insurance companies, they are free to spend that time listening to and treating patients. And because DPC physicians eliminate the significant overhead costs of participating in insurance, they can pass the savings on to you, the patient – and give compassionate, attentive and timely care at an affordable cost.

What are your prices?

You can find a complete list of our membership rates HERE.

Do you see nursing home patients?

Yes! Dr. Cianciolo and Dr. Straughn see members who are nursing home patients; however, they aren't taking any new nursing home patients at this time.

What about treatment for chronic pain or anxiety?

Chronic pain and anxiety are serious medical problems that require specialized training to properly dose, monitor and manage pain and/or anxiety treatment.


Also, government agencies are requiring more regulations for physicians who prescribe anxiety and/or pain medications. For these reasons, our family physicians DO NOT prescribe, or manage, long term pain or anxiety medications.  There are specialists in our community that manage these serious conditions.

What if I'm hospitalized?

Our providers will help coordinate care in the hospital, but patients will be cared for by a hospitalist –doctors who only see patients in the hospital.  Dr. Cianciolo, Dr. Purcell, Dr. Straughn, Dr. Jones, and Mrs. Knippen will resume care as the patient transitions out of the hospital.

Several of our providers remain on courtesy hospital staff at AnMed Health but will work with patients at any hospital they choose for their care.

Are my medical records ever shared with insurance carriers or government agencies?

No. Patient privacy is a natural benefit of this medical model. We will never provide any third party with a copy of your records, unless you specifically ask them to do so or if Direct Access is subject to subpoena or search warrant.

What if I need medical attention while I'm away from home?

In the age of telemedicine, many conditions can be diagnosed and treated via a simple conversation by phone or webcam. If appropriate, we will locate the nearest pharmacy and order medication most suited for your circumstance. If you need to go to the hospital or seek other medical attention while away from home, we can advise you on that as well.

May I contact Direct Access after hours? How?

Absolutely, yes! It’s how we do custom healthcare. After normal office hours our members can reach our doctors via cell phone.

When do I pay my fees for non-covered labs and prescriptions?

Lab and prescription charges will be added on the next month's invoice and will be applied to your preferred method of payment on file in addition to your monthly membership fee.


Great! We can't wait to start this health journey with you. Fill out and submit our enrollment form and we will be in touch!

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