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What does the membership fee cover?

The fee covers excelled primary care through annual wellness exams, sports physicals, school physicals, basic office procedures, treatment of acute illness or minor injuries and ultimate access to your doctor, all with minimal wait times in the office.

Our patients also have access to wholesale labs and generic prescriptions

Is there a sign-up fee to join?

No, we do not require a sign-up fee for any family or individuals.

Does Direct Access see patients of all ages?

Direct Access currently provides care for patients ages 5 and older.

What if I decide to cancel?

We expect to have an open, honest, respectful relationship with you. If you have voiced a complaint that we cannot satisfy together, we will gladly allow you to terminate your membership. You can cancel your membership by giving a 30 day notice. If you choose to rejoin, fees will be applied.


Great! We can't wait to start this health journey with you. Fill out and submit our enrollment form and we will be in touch!

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