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Dr. Shane is our Doctor's Orders founder and content creator. You can thank him for the witty humor and awesome health and DPC info every month!

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What is Direct Primary Care?

When’s the last time you went to Blockbuster to rent a video?

I bet it’s been years. The last one I saw was over 3 years ago.

What happened to Blockbuster?

Technology and a better business model called Netflix, destroyed it. Now when you want a movie you can download it right off the internet, millions of movies, TV shows and videos at our access for a few dollars a month. Brilliant!

Over the last decade, that same creative thinking has found its way into healthcare.

By using technology creatively, and cutting out unnecessary middlemen that drive up costs, like Medicare and insurance companies, Direct Primary Care was born to return the focus of healthcare back to the patients.

Simply put, Direct Primary Care (DPC) is all the routine medical care a primary care physician (family doctor, pediatrician or internist) can provide such as preventive care, urgent care, chronic disease care, and wellness support provided through a monthly membership fee paid by the patient directly to the physician.

There is NO insurance involved!

But it’s way more than just a regular medical clinic and way more than just a regular doctor. It’s Netflix for your regular doctor, allowing daily contact with your doctor via text, e-mail, phone or video link.

When’s the last time you texted your doctor?

Likely never.

DPC physicians do this with patients everyday. DPC doctors also carry less patient volumes, around 600 patients, compared to over 2,000 for most family doctors. Therefore, DPC docs can spend more time with their patients and offer same day or next day appointments, unlike waiting for weeks to see traditional doctors.

DPC clinics also deeply discount labs (like thyroid test, prostate test or cholesterol) and generic medications to about 90% off retail price. Those savings go right into the patient’s pocket. More access to your doctor, more time with your doctor as well as discounted meds and labs all for one low monthly fee, that’s Direct Primary Care.

Too good to be true?

Check out how we are restoring the patient physician relationship at www.DirectAccess.MD

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