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Dr. Shane is our Doctor's Orders founder and content creator. You can thank him for the witty humor and awesome health and DPC info every month!

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What Happened to Healthcare?

Just the other day after work I drove home like I always do. Same route. Same radio stations. Same traffic. Same drifting thoughts in my head. When I got home it came to me, I have no memory what so ever of driving home. It’s like I was in a trance all the way home.

Do you every do that? Think to yourself, how did I get here? It’s scary! That’s where our healthcare system is right now--poor care, high prices, poor access to care, terrible insurance, and greedy middlemen taking their cut. How in the world did we get here? The answer is simple really; we took the focus off the patient and put it on the process. We made it about rules, regulations, codes, and making institutions better instead of making patients better.

Do you remember the old I love Lucy episode where Lucy works in the chocolate factory? If not, check out the video to refresh your memory. She just can’t keep up wrapping those chocolates. Some get missed, some fall, and some get eaten. That’s what regular family doctors have felt like for the last 20 years. Insurance companies, patients and administrators have been clamoring for more and more, and faster, faster. Doctors cannot keep up the pace leading to poor patient care, burned out doctors and broken families. Many doctors and patients have jumped ship from traditional medicine and have become connected through Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinics.

So WHY do doctors and patients choose Direct Primary Care?

It’s simple, we exist to restore the patient-physician relationship. Our oath as physicians is to patients, not to administrators or insurance companies. To achieve this relationship, doctors disconnect from all insurance companies and government healthcare. Believe it or not, when a physician accepts insurance and/or Medicare agreements, they work for the insurance company not the patient.

As DPC docs, we feel that anything or anyone that stands between a patient and their doctor interferes with quality care. Patients desire access to their physician when they need them and full focus on them not insurance or government regulations. And that is exactly what direct primary care does for doctors and patients!

Find out how we provide Direct Primary Care and restore patient-physician relationships every day at

That’s what Doc says…

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