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Dr. Shane is our Doctor's Orders founder and content creator. You can thank him for the witty humor and awesome health and DPC info every month!

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Flu Shots

It's been an odd year so far, and while we are so close to closing out 2020, we cannot forget that flu season will be upon us very soon. Our doctors advise all of our patients to get a yearly flu shot. We aim to get the timing just right so that you don't get it too early or too late. It's always best to chat with your doctor to determine the best time for you to get your flu shot.

Recommendations & Information

We recommend everyone get flu shots unless you are allergic to eggs or had a reaction to flu shots in the past. We keep a quadravalent (4 strains of the virus) flu shot in our office and it is good for ages 3 and up. The vaccine DOES NOT give people the flu as there is no live flu virus in it. If you get sick after a flu shot it is because you were exposed to a virus already somewhere. Flu shots are usually about 50 to 60% effective year to year as infectious disease specialists try to predict which strains might be breaking out each season. The shot can really lower your risks for infection and lesson your symptoms if you do get the flu.

So, if we haven't said it enough already, we highly recommend getting your flu shot! All our physicians and staff get them every year and haven’t grown any horns yet. 😉🤞🏼


Despite our efforts to place orders early, shipping has been slightly delayed this year. We will continuously get more shots throughout the rest of the season, so don't panic if our office temporarily runs out.

Keep in mind, there are different shot options for different age groups so remember to ask your doctor which shot is the best option for your needs.

If our office isn't able to provide you with the appropriate flu shot for your age, we will write you a prescription to have it administered at a local pharmacy. We don't care where you get your flu shot, just as long as you get one. ❤️

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