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Zantac Taken off The Market & (Coronavirus) COVID-19 Latest Information 04/22/2020

The most important things we want you to know are:

- We encourage you to continue your efforts to flatten the curve in our community. The key to getting back to "normal" is to keep doing what we are doing.

- Some retail stores have opened with limitations. See When You Go Out recommendations below. 

- SC schools will remain CLOSED for the remainder of this school year. 

- Through the end of April we are rescheduling ALL in office visits to phone or video visits. 

- We are making a multi-phased plan to safely reopen our office some time in May.

- We are keeping our office door locked, but remember our staff will still be working normal office hours to address ongoing needs and prescription refills.


Replacing Zantac

Zantac (Ranitidine) 150mg/300mg has been taken off the market.

We will replace this medication with Pepcid (Famotidine) 20mg or 40mg. If this applies to you, your doctor will help you make this transition.

Please STOP TAKING Zantac (Ranitidine) of any form.


When You Go Out

Recommendations are:

  • Wear a cloth mask

  • Continue to socially distance 6 feet from others

  • Sanitize or wash your hands frequently

As stores reopen it's reasonable to consider the following as you venture out:

  • stores you visit should limit number of customers 

  • use hand sanitizer before entry and upon exit

  • everyone should wear a mask (including employees)

  • social distance 6 feet everywhere inside

  • when able, choose curbside pickup or home delivery

We still encourage you to stay home/work from home as much as possible.


High Risk Individuals

As stores/shops reopen, we must continue to protect high risk individuals.

We encourage you to check on high risk individuals, but refrain from visiting or coming in close contact with them.

Patients 60 and over, as well as patients of any age with severe chronic medical problems, are at the highest risk for severe cases and death from Coronavirus.

Anyone considered high risk should continue to stay home and let us know right away if you get sick.


COVID-19 Tests

Testing in our county is still LIMITED. Although new tests are coming out weekly, we are still determining the efficacy of these tests before we recommend them to our patients. 


Curbside Prescription Pick Up

Remember we are doing curbside prescription pick up.

Once you have been informed your refill is ready, we ask that you call us from the parking lot at 864-965-9150. *PLEASE STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE* Mind the cones and we will bring your prescriptions out to the table.

*Check that all meds are correct and have your name on them.*

These precautions are for your safety and to limit the spread of COVID-19.


"If I have COVID-19 symptoms what should I do?"

If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough or shortness of breath) and may have been exposed to someone with the illness, please call/text your doctor and STAY HOME.

Contacting us ahead of time will make sure you get the care you need without putting others at risk. Please get information only from reliable sources!We continue to see a lot of really misleading and factually incorrect information circulating. Please fact check before believing what you read or sharing/forwarding to others unless it comes from a reliable source.

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