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Julie MS, RD, LD

Hi, I'm Julie!

MS, RD, LD Registered Dietitian

I’m a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in clinical nutrition; in addition to this, I am trained as a certified holistic health coach. I enjoy promoting health through diet and lifestyle choices and prefer a lower-carb, protein-focused approach to achieve maximum health benefits. Health promotion is my profession, and it is also my hobby. I spend much of my free time reading or listening to podcasts about advances in nutrition science, trying out new recipes and pursuing my own physical fitness. 


I currently live in Chattanooga, TN. My husband, Ben, is a family practice trained physician, but works as an emergency room doctor, and is also Regional Medical Director for the Parkridge Healthcare System. He completed his residency in Anderson, SC in 2000 with Dr. Amy and Dr. Shane. We have two sons, Caleb and Jack. Caleb is living at home with us while pursuing his independence. Jack is pursuing a degree in military science at Liberty University in Virginia, where he also runs cross country and track. 

Let's chat!

I'd love to schedule a time to chat with you more about your health habits....




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